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What To Sip On, and What To Slip On

What To Sip On, and What To Slip On

In what just may be a world first, the Soleil Pool Bar team have cleverly matched Winter Cocktails with the latest Winter Fashions – so if you have ever wanted to know what to wear when sipping on your craftily concocted cocktail, read on!

Our newly released Secrets of Soleil cocktails feature Winter’s Famous Five, designed to warm you right up this season. And, because we care, we have perfectly matched each of these luscious libation, with the hottest looks of the moment, inspired of course, by the cocktail itself.


First, to Italy…

Where better to begin our Cocktail Inspired Fashion sojourn than in the heartland of world fashion – Italy. The cocktail is of course the Latte Di Milano, a rich combination of Amaretto and Campari mixed with nutmeg, pressed lemon peel and cloves which makes for a deliciously dark liquid treat, inspired by the cobbled streets of Milan and the flavours of the city’s secret bars.

To truly flavour the essence of this Winter Cocktail, we suggest the ladies look to a chocolate turtleneck, a sleek black leather calf-length skirt (with a fashionable kick) and sky high leather boots. Don’t forget a textural wrap – a cosy oversized cable-knit or thick pashmina in a bold colour statement – mustard yellow – or of course, the global-fashion-go-to, black. Add a beret to suit.

For the gentlemen, we suggest the straight-from-the-catwalk winter colour combinations of dark teals, rich browns, brick reds and oranges. Always, always feel inspired to add maroon hues (#Queenslander…. just saying!). Men – mix up your fabrics, perhaps add another layer in a waistcoat, definitely add a scarf and try Leather loafers. No manbags please.

Then, simply add some Italian-inspired nonchalance, and the experience is complete!


To New York….

From Italy we cross the Atlantic to New York! Paying tribute to this extraordinary city, the Soleil Pool Bar team present the East New York Flip, a delicious mixture of Bourbon, honey, cream and egg yolk with a dash of cinnamon powder. Take a sip and close your eyes, you could totally be on ice skates in Central Park wearing gloves and earmuffs!

Now, New Yorkers take their fashion very seriously, regardless of the weather, so we will follow suite. We suggest the gals look to sparkly miniskirts and chandelier earrings. Team with a woollen jumper in a solid colour – let your sparkles speak! For your feet go for sky-high stilettos – it’s New York darling! And don’t even think about pulling on opaque tights, bare your winter legs, and let our winter fires keep you nice and toasty.

For the men, go for Eastside style – think Ralph Lauren meets a touch of grunge (the good grunge) meets Tom Ford. Don’t be scared to grab a super cool overcoat. While gloves may be overdoing it, scarves are a fantastic fashion statement for blokes – and Brisbane blokes can rock them! Pay attention to the shoes – leather laceups for this look are very cool right now.


The Best of British…

Can you get any more Brit than the Soleil Pool Bar’s The Chivalry Blazer! Featuring a robust blend of Chivas Regal 12 and sugar, heated with a flaming torch and served hot with lemon peel, this libation conjures images of London’s High Street and Trafalgar Square.

The British love mixing fashion right up, so take liberties with your choices! Be bold!

Ladies, mix geometrics with pastels, opt for strong defining looks – for this cocktail, opaques are welcome, but make them sizzle; perhaps team with a pair of tailored shorts in a plaid texture, teamed back with bold accessories and statement shoes – ankle boots! Go for cute with a gorgeous beanie (not a beret here), and strong lips!

Gentlemen – this cocktail is all about you! You need to take this role every seriously – the one of Chivalry that is! Start with a classic British blazer, but let your personality shine and choose a strong tartan, colour or texture. Try a bold coloured pant. Always leather shoes. The idea is to take classic pieces and reinvent them using fantastic colour and cuts, that sit as a juxtaposition to the conservative foundation! Make sense?


Mull It Over – throne style…

If the bar team give us a the Bacchus Mulled Wine as a Winter Warmer for Winter 2015, then we must, must look to the Game of Thrones for a fashion match (for the non-Throners, think Medieval England meets Cirque du Soleil).

The Bacchus Mulled Wine features sugar syrup, a pinch of cloves and an orange peel combined to keep you warmer than that gorgeous faux fur coat you arrived in. The flavours are rich and deep.

When sipping on the Mulled Wine and considering your options for world domination, its best to wear layers – for your protection of course. Make these rich, textural layers. For the gals think a statement dress, with detailed corseting, a stand-out neckpiece, lots of detail in the hair and a steely stare. Animal prints and faux furs are perfect. Don’t be scared to show some skin this winter, as they would in Westeros!

For the men the fashion options are fantastic – embroidered coats over pants of all hues and cuts – from a harem inspired look (note: not MC Hammer style, please), to the fitted Jodhpur style, or even a tradie-inspired pant. If you choose to channel Jon Snow (and let’s face it, who doesn’t), add some fur and leather, nobility and a tortured expression.


Cuban Winter Colour...

A perfect finale for the Famous Five this winter at Soleil Pool Bar is The Winter Cuban Punch. Featuring a fiery and fun combination of Havana Especial, Pipsqueak Apple Cider, sugar, cloves and orange peel, this is the drink that defies Winter!

Ladies – it’s time for strong, statement colour and accessories. Go for fringing on mini dresses and skirts; embellished dresses and jackets, sequins, feathers and beading. It’s winter, Cuban-Queensland style. Shoes should be either sky-high, or completely flat and covered in sparkles. Please, a smile is possible the best accessory for this drink!

For the men, its tee-shirt and jacket time, with a cool winter scarf (must be a cotton scarf, not a heavy woollen number). Make your pants speak – think designer jeans, cool chinos and boots. Go for boots. Guys, get sexy!


Of course, at Soleil Pool Bar we really don’t mind if you have one of our Winter Warmers or a cold beer while Queensland’s winter sun warms you up. Whatever your tipple, we’ll see you soon!

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