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Festival Flavours at Soleil

Festival Flavours at Soleil

It’s almost Brisbane Festival time! It’s the perfect time to pop in for a pre-show cocktail and tasting plate...

A wealth of live stage shows as well as the famed Brisbane Festival Spiegeltent and its program of cooler than cool performances are all about to descend – from the sexy Cuban Ballet Revolución and the Congolese Coup Fatal, Riverfire and all in-between, it’s the season for Brisbane to be out soaking up live entertainment.

But first, some cheese and bubbles with us if you please! We recommend our Festival Flavours offering - a trio of Chef's selection cheeses served with house baked lavosh and walnut & raisin loaf, an aromatic red wine and grape chutney, some green apple and celery to bring in some crisp freshness. Perfectly  paired with two glasses of Burlesque Blanc de Blanc sparkling for just $50!

Chef has short listed some spectacular cheeses for you to sample including the following:

Riverine Blue

This is an Australian made cheese from Gippsland in Victoria it is absolutely delicious and definitely my favorite at the moment, on appearance Berry’s Creek Riverine Blue looks to be an intense blue cheese with striations of green mould liberally running throughout its ivory coloured pate, but looks can be deceiving. The rich buffalo milk combines beautifully with the mould delivering a soft creamy mouth feel with an almost savoury flavour profile that finishes with a lingering lactic sweetness that is most addicting. It’s is a cheese for blue lovers and novices alike.


Here is another fine example of an Australian made cheese again from Victoria but this time from the north eastern wine producing area of Milawa, this is a hard cheese and also very delicious it is a multi award-winning goats cheese that is made from spring goat’s milk and aged in our maturing rooms for 6-18 months, the younger cheeses have a slightly more creamy mouth feel, while the older cheeses have incredibly sweet, nutty and goaty characteristics.

Brie Fermier

And what would be a cheese selection without throwing in a lovely well made french brie, this cheese from Ferme de Jouvence (Farm of Rejuvenation), a small dairy near Versailles, France, seems to come from another world, so different it is from most other brie we know. It has an assertive mushroomy flavor, with notes of garlic and hay, and its body is wonderfully luscious and silken. It's what brie was meant to be.


Selection changes daily. This delicious little Festival Flavours offering is available exclusively during Brisbane Festival - be sure to pop by and give it a try before it disappears!

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